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Client's Brief

The user remains unaware

of the existence of kids' accounts, thus it is not factored into their decision-making process when considering subscription or renewal.

The user lacks knowledge

of the contents of the children's profile and the benefits it offers upon subscription. The inclusion of children's features may influence their decision to renew a subscription.

Approximately 60% of parents emphasize the significance of online cinema services providing features tailored for children's viewing.

Okko Kids

Okko-Kids is a part of the streaming service. It is one of the biggest online cinemas in Russian-speaking countries and takes the 4th place with 2,6 million users. 

Task: Incorporate information and mentions regarding kids' accounts in the restricted access area.

Role: I was invited as a third-party expert to take a fresh look at the task including conducting user interviews, preparing personas and mood boards, creating user flows, and suggesting well-founded design decisions.

Team: 2 Product Designers, 1 Mentor

Duration: 4 months

Results: The project was successfully submitted to the customers. They point out excellent—suggestions for highlighting the kids' accounts. 


1. There is no information about kids' accounts;

2. There is also no information about kids' accounts in the adult profile;

3. It's hard to find information about subscriptions;


1. Show mentioning of "Kids' Accounts" in noticeable places;

2. Focus parents on the benefits of a kids' account;

3. Describe in detail the data about the subscriptions;

User Interviews


1.A grandmother who helps her kids with grandchildren;

2. Parents with one and more kids;

3. Children from elementary school;


1. Parents and grandparents worry about the safety of the children's psyche and want to be sure that they will not see anything that can harm them;

2. Some parents don't want to be a "bad cop"

and want cartoons to turn off automatically;

3. Parents and children consider watching cartoons are a way to take a pause and relax;

4. For some parents, cartoons are a way to keep a child busy when they can't look after him;

5. For some parents, it is important that the service is adaptive to different devices and can be watched not only at home but also while traveling on a smartphone or tablet;

6. For children, the biggest fear is the lack of captivating content;


Use Cases



User Flows

The user flow were divided for 2 types of user on whether they have children or not this helped to reach a large audience and think about how they interact with the platform.

Solution: Adding detailed information about subscriptions 

In response to user demand for transparency regarding the content available in kids' accounts, I proposed integrating detailed information about cartoons, movies, and shows, including key features and characters. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a clean interface, I implemented a user-friendly solution: a drop-down list. This feature allows users to effortlessly access comprehensive information about each title without cluttering the interface with excessive text.

1. Kids' accounts and parents' control are input into the list of key advantages.On the right side of the text, I have added a drop-down list arrow for quick access to detailed info;

2. After clicking the arrow the drop-down list opens and user can find the key information about the kids' content.

Solution: Subscriptions in the footer site navigation

To improve user access to subscription details, we've placed them in the footer navigation. Users need transparency about included features and future costs before signing up for any service. This promotes a sense of trust and calmness. Our approach ensures essential subscription information is easily accessible, empowering users to make informed decisions effortlessly, enhancing the attractiveness of our service.

Solution: Adding kids' account into the navigation menu

The header reigns supreme as a pivotal navigation hub in web design. To streamline user experience, we proposed a brilliant addition: integrating Kids' accounts directly into it. This stroke not only simplified navigation but also garnered resounding success as the customer implemented it in the actual product.

Solution: Landing page for kids' account in the restricted access area

Despite the child-oriented nature of the accounts, the primary audience for this page remains parents, as they ultimately decide whether to subscribe or not. We've designed the page with lighter colors than the main interface, prioritizing information crucial for parents' decision-making. This includes details on security measures, parental controls, viewing time limits, and accessibility across multiple devices. 

Furthermore, we've emphasized the educational aspect of Okkko-Kids by highlighting that it offers more than just entertainment. Parents can discover that their children can explore a variety of topics aligned with their interests, fostering both enjoyment and learning.

1. After clicking the arrow the drop-down list opens and user can find the key information about the kids' content;

2. Here is presented further information about such features as parents' control, personal recommendations, and security measures;

3. Here is the information about the content. It is not as important for parents as security measures, so it locates lower;

4. This section shows the content and provides info about educational and entertainment aspects;

5. Some children are very attached to their favorite characters. Thus, info about these characters is also displayed on the main page;

6. In case the user has any more questions, we have added a section FAQ. With info about a number of accounts, canceling subscriptions, etc.


As a result of teamwork, we conducted user interviews, prepared personas and mood boards, created user flows, made up prototypes on Figma, and tested the scope of work throughout user tests. 

The project presented a unique challenge as it focused on developing a function tailored for one user group (children), yet the ultimate decision to adopt it rested with another (parents).

We take particular pride in the outcomes of our work, as our solutions were well-received by the customer, leading to the implementation of several of them.

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